Native iOS and Android

Fully 100% native UI and application core. We develop for scalability, performance, and maintainability. Our components are painstakingly developed to match the charm and allure of your design.


We have years of experience in bridging BLE based hardware to the cloud. From mesh networking to medical devices to smart watches. We have helped numerous customers work optimize their implementations and refine their firmware.

Cloud and Backend

We advocate a strict, ‘RESTful’ separation between frontend and backend. We integrate your API or we can help develop your RESTful backend in Node or Java on Google or AWS servers as well as a variety of PaaS’ervices including Firebase, Pubnub and MongoDB.

Test Automation

We take the time to to build out comprehensive system and unit tests to ensure your product meets the quality, performance and scalability you expect. We integrate hockeyapp, crashalytics or your preferred distributong reporting and have extensive experience managing betas on Apple and Google stores.

Ideation and Design

Whether we're working with your design, reworking an existing design or designing your product from scratch, we guarantee you’ll love our approach to UX and UI. We work closely with your product team from ideation to prototype to release.

Ionic2/Angular Hybrid

We also develop Ionic and Angular apps including a companion web application. The single UI codebase can significantly help maintainability with small development teams.

Let's Build Something Beautiful Together

We love what we do and are huge believers in the power of cross-platform development. Application costs are reduced, risks are mitigated, iteration time is shortened and maintainability is improved.

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